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LET US service your home with the attention to inspection it takes to STOP BUGGN all year long.



We are ready with the knowledge, equipment, and drive to tackle any pest problems that are thrown your way. Let us service your home with the attention it needs to STOP BUGGN all year long. STOP BUGGN is our mission; your mission is to relax!


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About Us

About Us

We were born and raised in Nevada so we know anything that is buggn you has been buggn us for 25 years. We dedicate ourselves to our work, family, and friends. We have unmatched experience in everything pest control. STOP BUGGN and let us do the work.

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Stop Buggn is Las Vegas’ premier pest control service. Tackling rats, mice, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, pigeons, bees and ants, we offer services to commercial and residential customers. Stop Buggn eradicates the infestation and keeps the pests from returning.

Family owned and operated, Stop Buggn has 15 years of experience getting rid of annoying vermin and pests. To ensure the pests do not return, we control them, seal access areas to prevent return and safely remove infested furniture. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and handle a wide variety of pest problems.

Stop Buggn offers services without locking you into a contract. We accept all forms of payment and we do not retain any personal information. For professional commercial and residential pest control services in Las Vegas, request a quote online or call 702-476-BUGG today.