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Spiders, like this one, are best off unseen. Which is why Stop Buggn General Pest Control will ensure you see no eight legged freaks in your property.

STOP Spiders ALL year long with Every Other Month or Monthly Power Sprays!

las vegas spiders, pest control, spider control

Spiders are poisonous and deliver mild to very painful bites.

  • All species of Spider are active all year long; so you need protection all year long.
  • We use only Safe and Regulated pesticides that are designed to be safe for the whole family, including pets.
  • We provide the removal of any webs up to 12 feet for further, longer lasting, Spider control.
  • We create a thick residual barrier around your entire property to guarantee our services all year long.
  • Everything from bushes, cinder block walls, and heavy webbed areas will be treated thoroughly to improve Spider control.
  • We offer Complete Commercial Exclusion of all holes capable of Spider entry.
  • Never think that Spider bites are a minor issue, no matter the original bite size.
  • Although all Spiders are not deadly, that does not mean the one that bit you is not.
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Some Spiders prefer dark areas that you may never find. Others run into you whether they mean to or not. Most Spiders shy from a fight, but Wolf Spiders (Like the one above) are dangerously aggressive and will actually run at you in defense.

STOP BUGGN and let US do the work!