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las vegas, pest control, business exclusion

Small Animals can easily enter your business building through holes like these. Stop Buggn Complete Exclusion reduces the risk of Rodent infestation.

We offer COMPLETE Commercial Exclusion!

  • Prevention is the first step. If they can fit through they can get you!
  • We offer a complete seal of all harborage areas to eliminate access into your place of business.
  • We offer improvement to weather stripping for windows and doors.
  • We offer the sealing of baseboards and grout.
  • We offer Roof Exclusions for Pigeons or Roof Rats.
las vegas pest control, exterminators, business

Sometimes the holes you CAN’T see are the biggest problem. Stop Buggn Complete Exclusions come with FREE Inspections to find hidden holes like these.

STOP BUGGN and let US do the work!