Insects in the Las Vegas Valley range from very dangerous to extremely dangerous and everything in between.

 Paper Wasp nests are usually located in very high up locations that may not be easily  accessible. 

One deadly flying insect that is very active in the spring and summer time is the Paper Wasp. Paper Wasps are in the family hymenoptera along with Ants and Bees. Paper Wasps are also closely related to Yellow Jackets and Hornets and they share certain similarities.

Bees and Wasps are social insects which means they maintain colonies with nests or hives with one or multiple queens and larvae. Social insects will defend their colonies and can become out of control, Bees and Wasps alike swarm anyone or anything that looks like a threat to their Queen. Queen Bees and Wasps emit a pheromone when any danger is present and will sting and use other defensive moves like head butting or even biting!

Wasps can sting multiple times and some species will chase any threat long distances from their nests even waiting to sting if you decide to jump in a pool! Paper Wasp nests resemble umbrellas which is why they are also called Umbrella Wasps. These “umbrella” nests consist of carton which is a paper like material made out of plant fibers and the saliva of the Wasp. These nests are rarely very big never exceeding a couple hundred workers but each one of these workers is female and very dangerous!

These paper nests are also wide open to the world, they consist of individual cells similar to a honey comb and the white larvae can be seen stuffed into these cells being constantly fed by the females. Paper Wasp nests are usually located in very high up locations that may not be easily  accessible. Never attempt to control or remove a Paper Wasp nest! Bee and Wasp stings can be fatal, Africanized Honey Bees and Paper Wasps can swarm and will attack anybody that poses a threat!

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