The structural components of your home or business can support perfect climate, food, and water sources for Cockroaches and other pests.

A Cockroach can obtain sufficient food and water from a garbage bag underneath a leaky pipe in a commercial or residential kitchen!

Cockroaches can spread bacteria and disease, accumulation of feces and urine builds up in heavily infested areas! The longer a population of Cockroaches continues to thrive in a certain area the more they become noticeable. Cockroaches are nocturnal and most species repelled by light, Cockroaches seen during the day time usually indicates infestation.

Out of ALL the species of Cockroaches in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson only ONE species depends on human structures for survival. This one species is known as the German Cockroach, imported into the United States through human exploration and now established in EVERY civilization!

The German Cockroach can live off almost anything, the glue that holds together many everyday items like paper bags and the labels on cans or other foods is a food source in itself. German Cockroaches will also resort to cannibalism and it is very important to clean up dead Cockroaches and their eggs in order to reduce reproduction and alternative food sources. Cockroaches are also known to feed on dead skin and other materials on our body, although this is unlikely because there is usually too many other competing food sources.

German Cockroaches contaminate more food then they eat, introducing filth and bacteria onto food and food preparation surfaces. In food establishments this is very important not only because of Nevada Health Department regulations, but also because a costumer who sees a Cockroach is not likely to come back and eat!

 German Cockroaches reproduce at extremely high rates! Call Stop Buggn Pest Control on the first sign of Cockroaches! If you see one you’re infested!

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