Most people don’t know or don’t care what makes their appliance work, wires and inner workings are sometimes invisible from our perspective.

German Cockroaches seem to love the digital timers on stoves, refrigerators, and coffee makers.

Wires, motors, computers, and other components create a heat source. This heat source can be very strong or not at all, but even the tiniest bit of warm comfort can invite Pests. Pests live in a smaller world then we do, while our lives are sometimes oblivious to their presence. Where a Pest is noticed the most can give you clues to where it might prefer to hide.

Cockroaches for instance have an immediate instinct to run and hide when they are in danger. They have developed this over millions of years and have perfected it and have adapted to our homes and businesses very well.

Kitchen appliances can become dirty in areas you might not notice becoming hidden food sources for Cockroaches and other pests. It is almost impossible to clean every single part of your kitchen or bathroom without missing something. Regular sanitation in your home or business does however help to prevent Pests and their disease causing bacteria.

Certain Cockroaches find human shelters to be the only method of survival, these are the German Cockroaches! The German Cockroach can reproduce at a higher rate then all other Cockroaches and has developed alongside man so well that they are only found in our structures! German Cockroaches are most easily identified by their small size and two stripes running vertically on their head. Their small size allows them to squeeze through the tiniest holes in our baseboard or sneak into our appliances.

If German Cockroaches feel safe in an area they will congregate around each other, these German Cockroach hang outs are stained with urine, feces, dead exoskeleton and other nastiness. This can sometimes cause the appliance to even malfunction if it is too infested! For example German Cockroaches seem to love the digital timers on stoves, refrigerators, and coffee makers. They can be seen where the numbers are supposed to be, poking the display will cause the Germans to scatter inside the appliance!

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