Insects alone make up most of the population of animals on the entire earth, so they have proven their ability to survive.

 Bed Bugs can be transferred to homes and businesses and it only takes one pregnant female.

There is and probably will always be more insects to identify as time goes on because there are still places and environments on this planet we have never been.Some insects don’t need exploration to find them because they have already found us! Some insect pests have adapted alongside humans since we crawled out of caves, one of these pests is the Common Bed Bug.

Although it is believed that we were not the original food source for these pests, as soon as they found us they fell in love with our blood. Many different species of blood sucking insect are related to the common Bed Bug and usually adopt the name of the host it is feeding on and then add Bug. For example Chickens can sometimes have problems with Poultry Bugs, these are just simply blood suckers that resemble a Bed Bug. Bats have the Bat Bug, Cliff Swallows have the Swallow Bug and so on and so forth.

There aren’t any animals that sleep in a bed unless we gave them one to sleep on so it makes sense that the human version of this pest would be named the Bed Bug because they will live and hide in our beds just like the nests of other animals. Bed Bugs are such a serious pest because they can be found almost anywhere and reproduce at high rates, females can lay 500 or more eggs in her life time of one year or more!

Bed Bugs can be transferred to homes and businesses and it only takes one pregnant female. Bed Bugs have been sweeping the nation the past 10 or so years showing up in hotels, hospitals, movie theaters, office buildings, and just about any other place you can think of where beds, chairs, and other furniture are shared with countless people every day! Bed Bugs in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson are continuing to spread, recent continued news coverage has brought this blood sucking pest to light and more people are becoming aware of the risk of Bed Bugs.

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