Certain Pests in the Las Vegas Valley reproduce very rapidly, infesting our homes and businesses.

Where there is an adult Bed Bug there is always multiple Bed Bugs, eggs, and all life stages nearby!

There are over five species of Cockroaches alone in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson and they all reproduce at high rates in a short amount of time especially in our hot spring and summers. German Cockroaches are the number one inside infesting pest in Clark County and they drop eggs that can have 30 baby cockroaches in them or more! Sometimes it’s not all about the amount of eggs a female insect can lay but about how many eggs can that female lay a day!

Bed Bugs are similar to German Cockroaches because they also are one of the number one inside infesting pests. Bed Bug females can lay around five eggs a day, and in a period of over a year or more that is alot of baby or nymph Bed Bugs.

Female Bed Bugs are traumatically inseminated by male Bed Bugs which means they are injected with sperm by a sharp appendage basically stabbing sperm into them! The stabbing takes a toll on the female Bed Bug and they can be speared multiple times in their life by the same or multiple male Bed Bugs. This behavior makes female Bed Bugs more likely to hide in more unlikely areas maybe even far from a food source just to stay away from male Bed Bugs!

Female Bed Bugs still need to eat during pregnancy and are still vulnerable to male Bed Bug attack. Bed Bug families can be seen together in clusters consisting of babies, males, eggs, castings, and feces. Where there is an adult Bed Bug there is always multiple Bed Bugs, eggs, and all life stages nearby! Bed Bug babies or nymphs need to feed on blood as soon as they hatch and must feed multiple times in between each and every life cycle. Bed Bug baby nymphs are light to clear colored almost translucent at least until they have a blood meal and then they swell up bright blood red!

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