It’s a new year in Pest Control and the warmer months are approaching as fast as the Bees and Wasps are foraging! All the small creatures from Crickets, Cockroaches, Spiders, and Mosquitoes will begin there awakening.

The term “household name” usually refers to a product or service that is commonly used by residents. However, let us talk about the “household fears” that we as a society have come to loath. Of all the creatures we fear in this world, nothing has become so commonly hated and avoided then the little yellow/black flying insects that sprinkle our world with pollen, one patch of flowers at a time. They forage the flowers that decorate your porch, your schools, your parks, and your local shopping areas. Although you don’t see them, you somehow know they are there, and when you do end up approaching the flowers, a quick scan of the area for Bees or Wasps is always a necessity. (It’s a safety thing)


Cage yells, "NOT THE BEES"!

However Bees are not as “protective” of themselves as you may think. For instance, a Honey Bee is highly unlikely to sting you for picking the flower it was currently pollinating. Or for getting in the way of it while its flying somewhere. More then likely it will either find a new flower to pollinate or just fly away from you. (Although sometimes it seems they perform a very thorough and uncomfortable  inspection of you before they agree to fly away) A great example of “angrybees can easily be seen in the Hollywood cult classic “The Wicker Man” starring Nicholas Cage. The Bees in this film are a symbol of colony and team work. A symbol that suggests even if it is murder, it’s all for the good of the colony. The Bees used to dump on Cages character Edward Malus’s head where not angry at Edward the person per-say, rather they where pissed for being trapped in a jar and away from there queen. Like an Ant colony, the queen of the colony is the lifeblood of the colony. Anwyway, back to stingers!

Unlike the Wasp who defends itself with a smooth surfaced/quick stinging stinger, the Bee has only ONE chance at defending against the enemy. With its barbed wire stinger inserted into the enemy; upon retraction the stinger is torn from the Bees abdomen leaving the Bee in excruciating pain. It’s the Bees only shot, its final chance, its one moment of defensive glory for the good of his million year old ancestors! Not to be a dream crusher for Bees, but more then likely a Bee will go its entire life without ever having to use its stinger.  To most people though, the Bees are just simply there, doing what nature has instructed them to do. As a rule of thumb and safety, always take care of a hive or nest as soon as possible. The longer it sits live with insects, the higher chance you or your friend/family have at being the target of an attack.

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