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Who would have guessed that a day of Las Vegas Pest control would turn into such a Pest Vlog production. But like they say in show business, the show must go on. In today’s episode we took a close look at the functionality, safety, and technique it takes to Bait, Set, and Place a Rat trap. Most people don’t know this, but Rat traps can be a very dangerous object if handled incorrectly. If you have ever had your finger slammed in a door jam or a car door then your definitely not going to want to add smashed by Rat trap to your “Ouch my Finger(s) ” list.

Rats have been around since the beginning of the first civilizations. Never belonging solely to mother nature, Rats have always lived off of the success of others. What I mean is Rats are moochers, they use the shelter we build as harborage for nests. Not to mention all the left overs or trash they’ve lived off of. However unfortunate it is, the more trash we throw out the more rats have to eat. Such is the way of human co-existence with Rodents.

Also, when it comes to making props, there’s nothing I enjoy more than to tear out the stuffing of a small “Rat Like” creature and re stuffing it with a bag full of what seems to be Gorey blood, but in reality is none other then delicious fruit punch. I’ll show you just how I accomplished that and how it turned into quite the “Red Spray” demonstration. Who knew Rat traps could be so fun? I did.

And finally, I answer and discuss last Wednesday’s Vlog question of the day “Do Rats Eat Mice”? Now although these two creatures are only different in size, and similar in physical features, doesn’t mean they look at each other the same way. Rats are scavengers, and aggressive at that. Mice are also scavengers, but prefer to flight instead of fight. When it comes down to Steal, Kill, or Die; the Rat will always steal or kill. Just one of the attitude problems of a “wildrat.

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