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Here we are with the follow up Vlog showing you all that Rats can be more then a Pest, they can be a NIGHTMARE! Pest Control safe and professional jobs always done right. When it comes to Rats history however, these suckers have been making head lines since the 1800’s. In particular is one of the oddest and I’d say most disturbing thing a group of rats can do. Thank goodness I as a Las Vegas Pest Control Technician have not come across the notorious Rat King. But if I ever do, you know I’ll snap a Video for the Vlog.

As far as the Rats in this city, there abundant and large in size. I’m not speaking on the Las Vegas Mob’s behalf however how many Rats are in this city, but I can say the Cheese Eatin Rat Buggers have been causing a lot of mischief in the attics of homes. The Pest Vlog will take you into the confined spaces of an attic (which is very similar to most standard attics) is a cramped and hostile environment full of danger in all directions. Oh and one more thing, don’t shove your foot through the customers ceiling!

And finally, the Secret Weapon of The Day is here to remind you that it is OK to look for what you need in a mate in order to protect your young. The Moth we talk about has never spoken truer words; that’s because it is a moth and can  not speak (As far as we know). Speaking of things that populate human space, there is an island that you may have heard of called Rat Island. Pest Vlog answers why it is here and who is responsible, or at least as close as we can get to uncovering a truth like that.

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