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As of right now the wind is kicking and sky is whistling but the Scorpions, Bees, Roaches, and Crickets are as busy as ever! This is the prime season of Las Vegas Pest Control, beginning right now. A little early I think we all can agree, but none the less it brings the foragers out. This weekend we are bringing back our Radio Advertising spot on Hot 97.5, a local Las Vegas radio broadcaster. We have done work with them in the past, you may have even heard our Stop Buggn Radio Rap (Which can be found right here). If it’s one thing we know how to do, it’s Rap about us doing professional Pest Control!

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Stop Buggn All Night Every Hour Every Minute

Also, you may have heard of them, or you may even have one on your own property. The Bait Station. A stationary killing machine designed to nourish the Rats and Mice around your home or neighborhood; followed by death. Setting traps in the attic or problem areas is helpful, but those traps will mainly attract only the pests that live close quarters to the areas trapped. The Rats and Mice you see or notice may only use your home as transport to other areas. Or your roof may provide a more sustainable route to nourishment. With all these varying problems to face, the Bait Station simply invites the Rat in, and lets it run free. By then the damage has already been done.

Side note: Enjoy the Rat Trap Slide Show.

And finally, we recently where hired to perform a roof top inspection on a local Las Vegas apartment unit. Although we didn’t find much but one nest and a couple junk items, we did see first hand that although Pigeon mothers may be concerned for there nest; they are not willing to die for it. I have been in many bird situations; face to face with filthy pigeons. Not once has any of them ever tried to attack me. Which leads me to believe that a Pigeon will “size up” or analyze it’s enemy before proceeding to defend. Just theory however. More then likely, the Pigeon parent will watch as it’s nest is destroyed. But honestly, they have 1000 more just like it.

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