Spiders are not the only thing enjoying the warmer weather. You are too, well at least you are trying to. With the coming months, be ready to welcome back Spiders. Spiders always seem to build a web on my window or by my door. No matter how many times you swipe away their home, they keep coming back! It seems like a battle that those with Spider problems seem to never win. That is until they introduce a little Spiders pest control into their lives.

Spiders! Spiders! Spiders! But of what variant?

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(Left) Black Widow Spiders; one of our most common Spiders (Middle) The Camel Spider is common & also very aggressive (Right) Wolf Spiders are beefy Spiders who are usually found individually

Live on the phone with pest control, face to face with the eight legged enemy the Spider. For many this is a horrific scenario that brings chills with just the thought. Luckily it is not one we are new to (Or scared of). Some of our biggest emergency calls come from Spiders or Scorpions. So first step, keep calm and hang on, a pest control technician should give you confidence in knowing what you are dealing with.

Understandably being on the phone is not going to get the Spider to leave any quicker.

Even if Pest Control is on the way, you may want to take care of the intruder personally. Squishing it with a heavy object is always an idea. If you can’t stomach that method, run to your nearest store and pick up some bug spray. This will not prevent them from coming inside the house (Only Pest Control can do that), but you will now have a tool to kill Spiders on contact. This may be your first time seeing Spiders in the house, or perhaps you see them all the time. Whichever the case, both require a pest control plan for Spider control.

When you start Buggn, STOP! Call us to be your professional Pest Control company.

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