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Ants, like these Fire Ants above, create long and intricate tunnels beneath the surface to nest in. Nests will commonly have dozens of entrances and exits, making “Budding” (Nest movement) that much easier and safer.

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las vegas pest control, ant larvae, ants

Fire Ant colonies are more noticeable, especially the Imported Fire Ant. The Argentine or the Pavement Ant may be noticed more in the trees and bushes, tending to Aphids and then disappearing into the sidewalk or the ground.

  • Some, but not all, of Ants found in Nevada are native. Some are down right tourists.
  • But regardless of the heat, Ants still manage to enter your property.
  • Ants gain entry through the smallest holes like the ones found in your cabinets and outside walls.
  • We offer Complete Home & Business Exclusions to stop and prevent continued Ant invasion.
  • Ants can be one of the hardest insects to control, especially when dealing with Ants that “Bud” (Move) there colonies to new locations.
  • We offer the improvement of weather stripping on windows and doors.
  • Most often then not the Ants are coming from outside somewhere, which is why our policy is to Stop the colony from Buggn; outside to inside!
  • We use only Safe and Regulated pesticides that are designed to be safe for the whole family, including your Pets.

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Fire Ant colonies are very large and usually have multiple Queen Ants (Like this Female above), if the colony is disturbed, these back up Queens are ready to lead their new Ant colony to new lands, creating split or satellite colonies (Budding).

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