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If you haven’t heard, Bark Scorpions (As well as MANY other insects) glow a bright neon color when shined with a Black Light. However, it is still uncertain what creates this unique glow, it is a Bark Scorpions star attribute.


arizona bark scorpion, las vegas pest control, scorpion control

Bark Scorpions are know for there small size and slim bodies. This allows them to move through small voids and cracks with ease. Stop Buggn Complete Exclusion and Scorpion Program is a great combination for Scorpion Control.

Arizona Bark Scorpion

(Centruroides sculpturatus)

  • The most common scorpions in the Clark County Area are the Bark Scorpions.
  • Bark Scorpions are active all year long; so you need PROTECTION from them all year long.
  • Children two years and younger, elderly, and pets are advised to receive immediate medical attention upon being stung. Bark Scorpions are DEADLY!
  • Scorpions are most easily identified by their skinny long claws and stinger tails.

Bark Scorpion Services

  • We offer (Recommend) Guaranteed Every Month Power Sprays that create a thick barrier around your entire property.
  • We use only Safe and Regulated pesticides that are designed to be safe for the whole family, including your Pets.
  • We pay special attention to Scorpion harborage areas and eliminate food sources by controlling all your other pests.
  • We offer Complete Home Exclusion of all holes capable of Bark Scorpion entry.
  • We offer the complete sealing of all entry points into your business including baseboard sealing, weather stripping replacement and/or repair to doorways and windows.
bark scorpions, las vegas pest control, scorpion control

One myth is that not all Spiders are poisonous. The truth is, ALL Spiders are poisonous! Same goes for other arachnids like the Scorpion. There are many species of Scorpion in the Las Vegas Valley, ALL of them are capable of stinging and injecting SOME kind of poison. The poison that the Spider or Scorpion uses on its’ victim can be completely harmless or extremely dangerous!

STOP BUGGN and let US do the work!