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Bees and Wasps are essential for our environment. They pollinate the flowers we see every year. But just like a tree stands, so do our structures, making us vulnerable targets to hives as well.


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Feral Honey Bees find our homes and businesses to be perfect start up hives. If these Honey Bee colonies are not removed from your structure, it can become more dangerous and more expensive as time goes on!

  • Africanized Honey Bees are the most common undomesticated and aggressive Honey Bee in Nevada.
  • Care and respect for Africanized Honey Bee hives should be taken when dealing with any nest around your property.
  • Africanized Honey Bees are extremely dangerous and should be dealt with by professionals.
  • We can remove any Honey Bee or Wasp hive from any structure.
  • We offer the repair of damaged areas caused by hives or by the removal of the hive.
  • We can exclude the hive and colony from any further activity that may try to gain entrance.

Contact STOP BUGGN immediately if you have suspicion of ANY Bee or Wasp activity!

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Paper Wasp

  • Wasps, unlike Bees, are solitary with hives being much smaller.
  • Any sudden activity can result in a sting; be cautious and call a professional immediately.
  • Wasps have an extremely painful sting that doesn’t kill the Wasp unlike a Honey Bee.
  • Paper Wasps normally “Umbrella” there nest to the corners of eves and roofs.
  • We will safely remove the Wasps nests ands keep them from coming back.

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Paper Wasp hives (Like the one above) tend to hang off the top of eaves and ceilings. Although they don’t get very large, Wasps can be very aggressive, so call the professionals.

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