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Cabinets are the biggest “Highways” for German Cockroaches to travel. Stop Buggn Complete Exclusion can prevent further infestation to new areas.

We offer Complete Home Exclusion & Las Vegas Pigeon Removal Services!

  • Prevention is the first step. If they can fit through, they can get you!
  • We offer a complete seal of all harborage areas to eliminate access into your home.
  • We offer improvements to weather stripping for windows and doors.
  • We offer the sealing of baseboards and grout.
  • We offer Roof Exclusions for Roof Rats.
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When Rodents infest your home, it may be to late before you see signs. This hose connected a dishwasher, but thanks to Rats it flooded the home.

Complete Home Exclusion & Pigeon Removal

Click the image above to watch a video on Las Vegas Pigeon Removal!

STOP BUGGN and let US do the work!