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Bait Stations, along with other Stop Buggn Rodent treatments, can be long lasting control methods against large families of outside Rodents.

Roof Rats invade Nevada homes all year long through roof and wall openings!

rodent pest control, las vegas, mice

Rodents, such as this mouse, can sometimes find ways into your home or business, but sometimes can’t find there way out. Without an adequate food source; the Rodent dies. This is a concern for voids of the structure that can’t be seen or reached easily; ultimately causing flesh rot.

  • Mice and Rats gain access into and onto your property through any hole bigger than a quarter inch.
  • Outside methods, as well as inside methods can be implemented into completely ridding your Rodent infestation.
  • No infestation is to large for STOP BUGGN.
  • With various techniques for catching mice at our disposal, we are prepared to stop any and all Rodents!
  • We offer Complete Roof Exclusions to completely exclude all Rodents.
  • We offer the sealing of all Rodent entry points.
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Storing too many things can become a nest site for Mice! Mice will use many types of different material to construct their nests, including your clothes, carpet, and insulation from inside the walls to name a few!

STOP BUGGN and let US do the work!