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Infested mattresses are thrown out everyday. It is because of this improper disposal that the Bed Bug cycle is able to continue. To shy people away from taking mattresses off the street, have Stop Buggn haul it away. Help stop the cycle by properly disposing of your Bed Bug mattresses.


  • Cleaning out your cabinets, drawers, and areas of storage can be time consuming and frustrating, which is why STOP BUGGN Pest Control offers a helping hand in cleaning out the necessary areas.
  • We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate any schedule!
  • We provide all necessary equipment to remove all items of concern to storage or receptacles.
  • We will prepare your home for any of our listed services, including but not limited to Bed Bugs and German Cockroaches.
  • Bed Bug mattress removal, as well as any other infested furniture removal is also available.
  • (See this BLOG for in-depth information on our Clean Out Service)

    german cockroaches, pest control, home clean out

    As part of our Professional German Cockroach treatments, we highly suggest that our customers clean there cabinets completely out. Stop Buggn Complete Clean Outs can help with moving all items of concern away from the treatment area.

STOP BUGGN and let US do the work!